Konstantinos Genidounias, « our strength is to play as a team »

Interview of Konstantinos Genidounias

Olympiacos and Greek national team player

A few days after his World League Europe victory with Greece, we spoke to one of the team’s top players, Konstantinos Genidounias.

France Water-Polo : Despite the absence of two important players (Alexandros Gounas and Dimitrios Nikolaidis), you won this World League Europe. What was your strength?

Konstantinos Genidounias : The past few years Greek waterpolo has shown that there is a lot of talent coming from the younger generations, so when it comes to absences we have no problem covering up any holes. I believe our strength was that we played 100% as a team, helping each other and playing for each other. Tactically our strength was our 6 on 5, we had very high percentages which usually gets you wins.

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FWP : What are Greece’s goals for this year?

KG : Our main focus this year is the tournament in Rotterdam and qualifying to the Olympics. We don’t have the luxury to think past this tournament. So our focus is 100% there right now.

FWP : Greece have never won an Olympic medal (for men). Is it the good year?

KG : Yes it is true that Greece has never won a medal in the Men’s category in the Olympics. As I said above, we don’t have the luxury to think past the Qualification tournament for the Olympics, however in the World League we showed that we can accomplish great things when working as a team.

FWP : With Olympiacos you have lost several players this summer. Despite everything, you had a good first round of the Champions League, what are your goals for this season?

KG : Yes in Olympiacos we have a totally different team than previous years. A lot of younger players and no foreign superstars. We had a good start in Ostia, and it could have been even better. Our goal is clearly to qualify to the Final 8 and after that look at each game separately to get as far as we can.

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FWP : In France, we have high hopes for Marseille in the Champions League. It will be one of your opponents. What do you think about this team and its players?

KG : Marseille didn’t start that Champions League how they wanted, however i am sure they will bounce back. They have made a great effort to create a competitive team in the Champions league and we saw in the first 3 games that they are right were they need to be. Great additions like Prlainovic and the goalkeeper Lazovic joined good players like Vukicevic and Crousillat and made a great team. It will be a lot of fun to play against them in the next round of the champions league.

FWP : In your opinion, are there one or more French players who could be interesting for Olympiacos?

KG : Yes absolutely. There have been players that have been around for a long time playing in good teams in Europe, and there are some very interesting young players like Vernoux who can be an excellent player growing up.

FWP : We usually finish our interviews with the « stupid question ». Could you come and play in France, and in which club?

KG : Yes, why not? France is showing that they want to make an exciting league, there are more than one good teams and every year there is a suspenseful championship. I don’t have one particular team on my mind, but if I were to join a team, it would be one who plays in the Champions league and covers all my needs.

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Actualités 12 janvier 2021