Interview of Denes Varga and Stefan Mitrovic, winners of Champions League with Ferencvaros

Interview of Denes Varga and Stefan Mitrovic

recently European Champions with Ferencvaros

realized by France Water-Polo

France Water-Polo : Congratulations for this title of European Champion. By finishing 4th in your group during the preliminary round you were not favorites for wining the Champions League. How did you approach the Final 8?

Denes Varga : The whole season was a bit bitter beacause our performance in the group was not very convicing. If we were in the other group we might even qualify. Arriving to Hanover we had to fight with this in mind.

Stefan Mitrovic : I think we had a really hard group stage. We can see it from the fact that in the semi finals three of four teams from our group went throught.

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FWP : You eliminate Jug Dubrovnik (2016 European Champion) in quarterfinals, then Barceloneta (European Champion 2014) in Semifinal and Olympiacos (European Champion 2018) in Final. If you had to replay those games, would you win again?

DV : Can’t say for sure but i wouldn’t say that these results were not realistic. Fortunately we won when it was the most important to win.

SM : I think its very hard to win two times the same opponent on the same tournament so i would rather skip to play all this three games again.

Denes Varga against Jug Dubrovnik – Credit : TAMAS

FWP : You won five titles this season (Hungarian Championship, Hungarian Super Cup, European Super Cup and Champions League). What is the strength of Ferencvaros?

DV : I think we still put a lot of effort into preparation. The youngsters are very diligent and the old ones have certain skills wich makes this team very well balanced and efficient.

SM : The strength of Ferencvaros is that we have 13 players who are playing and everybody is giving contribution.

FWP : Will you keep the same team next season?  

DV : Minor changes will be announced soon.

SM : This didn’t come overnight, 3 years ago Ferencvaros start building this team,every year refreshing it with a few players. So Ferencvaros will keep doing this in the next year as well,3new players came until know,i am one of those ho are not going to be in the club as i am changing middle.

FWP : We usually finish our interviews with the « really stupid » question. Will one of you two be world champion this summer? If yes which one?

DV : We both are!

SM : As i usually dont answer to stupid questions,i can only say that i hope we can meet in the finals and let the better team wins!



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