Interview of Denes VARGA : « the first step is to have a dream »

Interview of Denes VARGA

Ferencvaros and Hungarian player

realized by France Water-Polo

Denes VARGA and Ferencvaros have achieved the perfect season by winning all the competitions in which they were engaged in 2018. He had a very important place in this success and it is quite natural that he answered to our questions.

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First of all, thank you very much for your time and answers to our questions.

Nothing stops your team in 2018. Championship, Cup, Eurocup, Supercup, how do you explain this success ?

I think this year’s performance has several steps to it. And i would lift two events above the other three namely : winning the hungarian championship against Szolnok in 5 games and winning Super Cup against Olympiacos. Having last years season without Champions League made us able to train more than others and therefore we were in better condition. For this year we have not only managed to train just as much we could build a stronger team too.

Ferencvaros currently dominates the Hungarian league with eight wins in eight games. Is winning a second consecutive title a priority or are you focusing more on the Champions League that the club has never won ?

Winning the hungarian championship for us is mandatory. But we are strong enough to beat any team at any time in Champions League, even Recco. It is not essential tough, first i want to see Ferncváros getting into the Final 8.

You left Szolnok in 2017 while the team dominated the Hungarian and European water polo. Why did you make this choice ?

Szolnok was a great period in my life i loved to be there, but i had some plans for my personel life wich resulted me to choose to move to Budapest. Kind of a start of building my afterlife. I feel lucky now that im a part of Ferencváros because this club has the biggest heritage in Hungary. It is vital for me how i feel myself in a company or a club.

You didn’t have participated to the European Championships in Barcelona where Hungary finished at a disappointing 8th place ? How to explain this underperformance of a nation that won the World Cup two months later ?

The EC was this summers main event so every nation prepared for that. And Hungary’s way wasn’t easy to the semifinals. Italy and Serbia have both defeated us so our chances were gone. World Cup was something much easier to win but winning is always difficult.

What about the World championships on South Korea this summer ? Will it be possible for Hungary to win it ? Will you be there ?

Yes i’m 100% with Hungary until the end of 2020 olympics. Our main goal in South Korea is to qualify for it.

Let’s talk a little bit more about you. You near 32 years ans you have a busy career with one Olympic title in 2008 and a World Championship in 2013 to your list. What advice would you give to young players who dream to make a similar career ?

You used the word “dream” wich is the first specific step to be successful but nothing without all the following steps. My “dream” was also to win the Olympic gold medal but i had to realise that i have to work for it as hard as i can. Because talent makes all the difference in critical situations but one never gets in the critical situation without the hardest of work. Or maybe you might but you would probably won’t be able to succeed.

Which player has inspired you the most during your career ?

The most influential players for me were Kásás, Biros, Uskokovic and Sapic. I would kinda mention my brother but he was something like a personal hero when i was a little boy. Later on, i grew up ?

We usually finish our interviews with the « really stupid » question : Champions League with Ferencvaros or World Championships in Korea with Hungary?

I would choose to play two finals and see wich one we could win. I would prefer to win WC because my dream is to defeat Serbia in at least one final. And you know that the first step is to have a dream !

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